September by Underpable



I was looking through an old Nick Mag and I found all these Nickelodeon characters drawn in Butch Hartman’s style :P Cuuuteness. I love Drake and Josh hahahaha

(also WHOA, he gave zoey brown eyes! ive never seen brown eyes in BH style before)

oh shit! that is awesome right there!

LoL - Light of the Sunset by cubehero
Jinx - Final by PastyWhite
Vi - League of Legends by Dunjochka
201408annie by ms05zaku
Playfully pink by CuddlyCapes
Main Six of the Mirror World by Pony-Berserker
Rocket Rigby by JeanPaulRobin
MLP EqG: Aria and Sonata by 00riko
Lemongrab by TheCheeseburger
Marceline by TheCheeseburger